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Why Coaching?

Because YOU and YOUR TEAM are Worth the Investment!

Leadership coaching creates an environment that promotes growth, deepens awareness, and catalyzes change. Coaching will help you grow by increasing your self-awareness so that you lead with greater effectiveness and live with deeper satisfaction and fulfillment.

While you are focused upon career and family . . .

  • Who is focusing on YOU?
  • Who is supporting your growth as a leader and contributing family member?
  • Who do you talk with while working through your challenges and opportunities?

Greg is here to serve you!


Gregory Bland

About Greg

Over the last twenty plus years Greg’s passion has been to see people identify, discover, and fulfill their calling and potential. He has served as a coach, mentor, and consultant to high potential leaders who desire to excel both at work and at home. His work has included contracts with organizations to help build cohesive teams, provide leadership development, self & others’ awareness, team building-workshops, and ongoing coaching.

Greg takes a holistic approach to life and work recognizing that when one area of our life suffers it negatively impacts all areas of our life.  While the opposite is also true, as we grow in wholeness and health at home or work, this positively impacts all areas of life/work. In light of this Greg seeks to restore balance and health to the whole person knowing that everyone benefits.

How Can Greg Serve You?

Greg is a ‘come alongside of you’ kind of coach. He partners with people like you to help you grow and develop in both your personal and professional life.

Gregory Bland ICF Certified Professional Coach
Gregory Bland Birkman Certified

What People Are Saying

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Take a Step to deepen your self awareness

The Birkman Method

The reality of life is that your perceptions - right or wrong - influence everything else you do. Dr. Roger Birkman, Creator of The Birkman Method

The Birkman Method

Healthy interpersonal relationships and the success we achieve can largely depend upon how well we understand ourselves and the others we interact with day to day. The Birkman Method is a personality, social perception, and occupational interest assessment identifying behavioural styles, motivations, expectations, and stress behaviours.

The Birkman Method Helps us lay a solid foundation for Self-Leadership, Expand Self Awareness, Maximize Self-Management, Strengthen Interpersonal Relationships, and Accelerate Growth.

For a brief overview of The Birkman Method watch the following short video introduction.

The Birkman Method is a powerful tool for self discovery individually, within family, and for workplace teams. Identifying underlying motivations, productive styles and potential stress reactions, it helps bring understanding allowing for healthier interpersonal relationships in all spheres of life.

Learn more about the 9 Personality Components of the Birkman Method here.

Taking a Step toward Relational success

The Birkman Method
and Teams

Knowing the underlying motivations and the consequences of unmet needs gives us an effective and reliable way to improve workplace performance and reduce conflict. Dr. Roger Birkman, Creator of The Birkman Method

When is the best time to begin investing in your team?
The Best time is now!

Our leadership development programs teach self-coaching skills and provide the tools to build greater confidence, resilience, and accountability based upon each individual’s unique personality and perceptions. They learn each individuals strengths, stress triggers and reactions, and what they truly need from one another to be most effective and productive. We look at relational disrupters to better manage blind spots and develop greater emotional intelligence and understanding amongst team members. 

Invest in your team early within their careers to ensure greater connectivity,  satisfaction, and productivity right now and for the future.


Six Benefits for Your Team . . .


Create psychological safety to discuss individual styles and get more team input.


Increase Emotional Intelligence by developing self and others awareness


Meet individual expectations and manage unproductive stress behaviours


Identify and leverage strengths to facilitate collaboration and maximize performance


Understand perceptual gaps, identify and manage blind spots


Develop Action Plans to immediately being improving team performance.

You do not have to journey alone

Professional Services Include

Working with online virtual environments since 2012

Gregory is your personal coach for the journey.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

Birkman Personality Assessments & Personal Coaching for Application to career and family

Coach Training

Team Building